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For many people, a church website is the 'front door' of your church. In today's society, people who are looking to find a church that they feel they can 'plug into', will turn first to the internet. They want to see your church, your pastor, your services times and ministries that you offer before they even set foot inside the building. Your website gives them the opportunity to get a feel of who your church is and what it will offer. Your church website is also important to your members, helping them keep in touch with upcoming events, sending prayer requests, or watching your service online if they are stuck at home. A church website is vital in today's society of social media.

Church Websites Offer Many Options

We offer many options for church websites. The needs of individual churches are vast. Some may only need a simple site for people to get a feel for their church and see contact numbers. Others may need such options as integrated prayer request forms, stream video or audio, paying tithes online, calendar to see upcoming events, etc. Whatever your church needs may be, we will sit down with you and discuss how to put them together to create a website that fits your vision.

We offer a simple calendar that you can log into and update with no coding. We also offer an admin portal for churches who would like to self manage their site. We also offer the basic site with no admin portal. These are for churches who do not need to make changes, or who have some basic knowledge of html and can make changes themselves, or would rather hire us to make changes as needed.

Video Options

Stream your service live on your website. The benefits are that people who are unable to attend will still be able to 'feel' as if they are with you in the service. We also offer audio streaming options as well.

Photography Options

If you are a local client, we offer one hour of free professional photography to help improve the look of your site.

If you are a local client and need more than an hour of photography, we offer customized photography services to help meet your online needs.


Prices for a small, 4 page website, with no admin portal, starts at $350.00. The pages included are Home, About, Calendar, and Contact.

Prices for websites with admin portals, so that you can easily manage and update your site on your own, start at $1,000.00. Half down and half upon completion.


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